How was DrupalCampCS 2015?

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Posted on September 7, 2015

The 5th -7th June, 2015 was the date forDrupalCampCS in Bratislava, Slovakia for three days of knowledge sharing, coding and ‘downloading’ (in the local pubs).

Whenever iKOS get involved with a DrupalCamp in the UK we like to contribute fully by way of organising, sponsoring, speaking and training. As we have recently opened two offices in Slovakia, we saw DrupalCampCS as a great opportunity to get better acquainted with the Slovakian and Czech Drupal communities.

DrupalCamp CS DAY ONE - 5th June

DrupalCampCS began on Friday morning with Drupal training and sprints planned.

Drupal Training for Beginners - Streamed live from London

The first Drupal training session was aimed at attendees new to Drupal and, thanks to the University’s technical department, we had our head of training - Nick Abbott - streaming his Drupal training course live from London. This remote training worked really well thanks to Milan Lukac from Slovakia, in the room to help any attendees with translation or technical questions.

Drupal Commerce Training

Having worked as part of the team to deliver one of the highest profile Drupal Commerce websites for Lush (, Karol Kasas was able to provide real-world insight and training on the correct usage of Drupal Commerce. To a workshop of 10 attendees, Karol covered both the complete basics of Drupal Commerce through to advanced topics such as VAT handling. By the end of day, people left his workshop with a fully functional eCommerce built with Drupal Commerce - WOW!

Sprinting - Drupal 8 Rules!

Fresh from a day of training, both Milan and Karol joined the sprinting room, where a small team had come together looking at the Drupal 8 Rules issue queue.

Friday night - traditional Slovak pub

In the evening most headed to a fantastic local brewery called Richtar Jakub (Mayor Jacob), where they met with Drupal superstars Robert Douglass and our technical team leader Richard Jones. Everyone tasted locally brewed beer and some traditional Slovak meat dishes. After this, people headed to Bratislava restaurant, where they tasted some very traditional Slovak food called “bryndzove halusky” (small potato dumplings with cottage cheese).

DAY TWO - 6th June

Saturday began with session called State of Drupal. During this session the chairman of Slovak Drupal Association, Jozef Toth, asked Richard Jones about his beginnings and thoughts relating to Drupal in general and the impact of the delayed release of Drupal8.

During the day all members of our Slovak team attended interesting sessions held by experts from far and wide. Tomas and Oliver focussed on learning more about the theming layer in Drupal 8 using Twig, while the rest of the team joined session called OCD Deployment, where they learned how to make updates faster and less risky.

Lush - Drupal Commerce case study

As technical director of iKOS, Richard Jones was able to talk about our experience of building one of the largest Drupal Commerce responsive websites for the UK, headquartered retailer, Lush.

Drupal Performance

Following on from Richard’s talk, Milan Lukac opened up the topic of Drupal performance. Milan started with basic Drupal’s built-in possibilities before expanding and explaining the benefits and pitfalls of using various contributed modules.

The core message from day two

For me the takeaway and most important lesson learned related to the changes in Drupal 8 relating to the entity API from our guest speaker Wolfgang Ziegler (fago in the Drupal community).

Ice ice baby

After a day of hot sessions we headed to cool off and experience the amazing ice bar.

Day 3 - 7th June

The last day of camp kicked off with Karol and Milan teaching developers how to use Drupal Services for developers who want to build their own APIs to extend and integrate with Drupal. Milan and Karol did pretty amazing job as they showed not only how to use in-build Services, but also how to code their own service.

After the camp

We are also pleased to announces that iKOS Digital has accepted the challenge to help the #d8rules team to finish Milestone 1 in this important project. Within a week of DrupalCampCS Karol got his first commit into Rules 8.x

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